Get To Know US

Just-Ice Computer Technologies is a leading and unique Point of Sale, Networking and Computer services provider.

The organisation is well known for the provision of quality computing, networking, and point of sale services that address each company's needs and has been in operation for the past 10+ years.

Just-Ice Computer Technologies aims at and takes pride in providing services for the overall benefit of the company and its customers.

The services that we provide also include in-house training for members of staff so they can use the technologies optimally to the benefit of the company.

Cost effective provision of services is what gives Just-Ice Computer Technologies the urge, as we always seek to understand our clients' operations so as to provide them with services that suit their business.

Just-Ice Computer Technologies is known for passion for high standards and is Customer driven and thrives on surpassing customer expectations.


Just-Ice Computer Technologies sets high goals because of our belief that we are limitless. These goals are our obligations to our customers. Even though our services are excellent, we are dedicated to continually improve our standards. We are self-motivated to surpass our client’s expectations. Our services are focused on making sure our clients, in both the public and private sectors, meet their operational objectives.



Just-Ice Computer Technologies is governed by the Client First Philosophy and is endlessly working on ensuring Customer Satisfaction.